Meridian Center for Global Leadership

The Meridian Center for Global Leadership team administers professional and educational exchange programs that enhance Meridian’s vision of a more secure and prosperous world today and for generations to come. The Center for Global Leadership’s virtual and in-person programs provide training, networking, and professional development opportunities to emerging leaders from around the world working on a diversity of issues and from a variety of sectors, including business and trade, women's empowerment, journalism, youth leadership and civic engagement, human rights and energy and the environment.


Mustafa AbubakrProgram Associate, IVLP
Akintunde AkinmadeProgram Officer, IVLP
Nicole AlzapiediOperations Manager, IVLP
Veronica AraujoSenior Associate, IVLP Collaborative Services
J.M. AscienzoProgram Officer, IVLP
Bogdan BanuSenior Director, Program Management
Andrew BarbagalloProgram Officer
Myra Best, PhDVice President and Director, IVLP, Center for Global Leadership
Sam BillingsProgram Associate, IVLP
Cami BissenProgram Coordinator
Colin BlaisProgram Associate, IVLP
Anna BradleySenior Program Associate, IVLP
Kate Buche-PattisonProgram Associate, Collaborative Services
Arianna ClarkProgram Coordinator
Megan DarlingtonSenior Program Coordinator
Jessica DuhonSenior Program Coordinator
Rebecca DurbinArrivals/Assignments Officer, IVLP
Jill EynonSenior Program Officer & Trainer, IVLP
Emma FentonProgram Officer, IVLP Collaborative Services
Joe FredellProgram Associate, IVLP
Meredith FucciProgram Associate, IVLP
Sarah GentryDirector, IVLP Collaborative Services
Erica GinsbergProgram Officer, IVLP
Lydia HamiltonDirector, Program and Staff Development
Mia HansenProgram Associate, Collaborative Services
Michelle HarrisProgram Officer
Thomas HolmesReceptionist/Meeting Scheduler
Dinah HolmquistSenior Program Associate, Collaborative Services
Ja-vai JacksonCentral Services Assistant
Ethan JenkinsProgram Officer, IVLP
Gulzira JumamuratovaProgram Officer, IVLP
Maryna KapovskaProgram Coordinator
Aisha KarimProgram Associate, IVLP
Shelbey KeeganProgram Officer
Jillian KennySenior Program Associate, IVLP
Shannon KhalidAdministrative Coordinator, IVLP
Oko KhosbayarSenior Program Associate, Collaborative Services
Grace KiernanProgram Associate, IVLP
Kate KlygisProgram Associate, IVLP
Dea KollekowskiAssociate Program Officer
Julia KoskiAssociate Program Officer, IVLP
Bernadette LaMontagneProgram Officer
Keone LopezProgram Coordinator
Pamela LuckeyCentral Services Coordinator
Aleena MalikAssociate, Collaborative Services
Josh ManleyProgram Officer, IVLP
Gabriel MannProgram Associate, IVLP
Alison McDonaldProgram Officer, IVLP Collaborative Services
Nodira MeliboevaProgram Officer
Francesca MorganoSenior Associate, IVLP Collaborative Services
Fatima MubasherProgram Coordinator
Andrew NissenProgram Officer, IVLP
Lee NorrgardProgram Officer, IVLP
Ryan OberlagSenior Program Associate, IVLP
Adam OvianProgram Associate, IVLP
Lola OwokoniranProgram Officer, IVLP
Isabella ParrottaSenior Program Coordinator, Foreign Press Center Programs
David PaulsonProgram Officer, IVLP
Sarah PaxtonProgram Officer
Renee PerperProgram Associate, IVLP
Amanda PleasantProgram Officer
Meg Clifford PooleSenior Director, Business Development and Partnerships
Morgan QuijanoProgram Officer, IVLP
Mark W. RebstockVice President and Deputy Director, IVLP
Kate SandersDirector, IVLP Program Management
Mary SauerbornProgram Officer, IVLP
Sarah SchneiderProgram Officer
Emi SeriProgram Manager
Sandy ShafikProgram Associate, IVLP
Mack SlaughterInformation Resources Manager, IVLP
Jennifer SolerProgram Associate, IVLP
Indigo StegnerSenior Program Coordinator
Sam StrickerProgram Associate, IVLP
Jesse TansonProgram Associate, Collaborative Services
Maris ThomsonSenior Program Associate, IVLP
Ashley TousanaProgram Associate, IVLP
Beth VandersallProgram Coordinator
Evy VannoyProgram Associate, IVLP
Maura WittkopProgram Associate, IVLP
Alyson WoolleyCoordinator, IVLP Collaborative Services
Renée WorthingtonSenior Program Officer & Staff Exchange Co-Facilitator, IVLP
Sarah YagodaDirector of Administration, Meridian Center for Global Leadership

MCGL Programs