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Diplomacy is an everchanging artform that shifts with the times and the needs of a nation. Meridian’s annual Diplomacy Forum gathers American and international diplomats, military officials, business leaders, policy experts to explore trends and challenges in U.S. and international statecraft. Recent programs have explored diplomacy and foreign policy related to outer space, the Arctic, the ocean, climate change, global health, cyber security/disinformation, and equity and inclusion. As part of our DiplomacyRISE initiative, Meridian supports the career development of college students and young professionals by welcoming them to participate alongside established global affairs practitioners.

The 2023 Meridian Diplomacy Forum All Diplomacy is Local: Strengthening City and State Statecraft is scheduled for April 12, 2023 on Meridian’s campus.

American success abroad and on the world stage is directly linked to U.S. policies and actions at home. This includes expanding the responsibility of international affairs beyond Washington and the Federal government. All Diplomacy is Local will explore the emergence of cities and states as global actors in diplomacy, their evolving impact on everything from international trade and business development to climate change mitigation and global health, and how engaging previously underserved and overlooked pockets of America will fortify U.S. international relations. It will underscore how defending democracy and its values has returned as a critical tenant of U.S. foreign policy and one the American people can rally around.

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