Meridian Diplomacy Forum

Meridian International Center’s annual Diplomacy Forum brings together government and cultural leaders with economic experts and the business community to examine the role of soft power in international relations. Each year, the Forum explores a particular country or region's cultures and how they can pave the way for increased engagement and economic opportunities with the United States. Featured speakers and a series of panel discussions address the state of bi- or multi-lateral relations; examine the convergence of innovation, expanding workforces and opportunity; analyze the allure and spread of cultures across the world; detail the trade and investment outlook of the partnership; and, illustrate the impact of cultural and educational exchanges in forging closer ties between the United States and the region or country of focus. The afternoon Forum segues to a festive evening cultural celebration featuring music, dance, visual art, and cuisine of the focus nation/region. Both the Diplomacy Forum and cultural reception take place on Meridian's historic campus in residential Washington, DC.

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