Meridian Global Leadership Summit

The Meridian Global Leadership Summit is the leading convening of diplomatic, business and policy leaders in a neutral, nonpartisan forum to exchange ideas and collaborate on solutions to today's most pressing global challenges and opportunities.

11th Annual Meridian Global Leadership Summit

Preparing for Tech Transformation in a Digitalized World


AI | Blockchain | Critical Minerals | Cybersecurity | Digital Divide

Friday, October 21, 2022 | Washington, DC & Virtual

Emerging technologies are transitioning governments, businesses, and citizens to a digitalized society with everything from financial systems to critical infrastructure migrating to an increasingly decentralized internet. Web3, blockchain and AI have the potential to enable greater democratization and decrease the digital divide. However, these innovations come with risks and unintended consequences with increased exposure to cyber threats via nefarious state and non-state actors, additional complexities around critical mineral resources and global supply chains, and new environmental concerns that complicate its broader adoption. The 2022 Meridian Global Leadership Summit explored the intersection of diplomacy and emerging technology and ways the public and private sectors can join forces with civil societies around the world to foster policies that develop trust and allow innovation to flourish, build cyber resilient systems, and devise responsible regulations that ensure transparency and accountability, while accelerating economic growth. 

Over 240 diplomatic, business and policy leaders attended in-person at the U.S. Institute of Peace headquarters in Washington, DC, and a global audience of over 1,000 joined virtually. Concurrent sessions on two stages alongside networking breaks and exhibits allowed participants to tailor their experience both in-person and online.


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