Meridian Global Leadership Summit

The Meridian Global Leadership Summit is the leading convening of diplomatic, business and policy leaders in a neutral, nonpartisan forum to exchange ideas and collaborate on solutions to today's most pressing global challenges and opportunities.

The 10th Annual Meridian Global Leadership Summit: Prioritizing People and Planet was held on Friday, October 22, 2021. This fully virtual event brought together the top diplomatic, business, and government leaders to the intersection of diplomacy and environmental, social, and governance issues. While climate change is not new to international conversations, COVID-19 has transformed it into a central component of business strategy and community planning, as much as national security and foreign policy priorities. Governments have created new positions for climate envoys and departments of climate change, while businesses are doubling down on investments for a carbon-neutral future. At the same time, global youth activism is sparking progress by all sectors on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, as well as compelling government and businesses alike to take action on international social and human rights issues.

The traditional diplomatic principles of trust, relationship building, and engagement - alongside technological and scientific innovations - will shape how we recover from the largest economic, health, and social crisis of our lifetime. Concurrent breakout segments, in addition to the plenary sessions, allowed participants to tailor their experience to match their individual interests and actively participate in the conversation.

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