Special Report: All Diplomacy is Local – Strengthening City and State Statecraft

American success and alliances worldwide are intrinsically linked to the policies and actions undertaken within the United States. Recognizing this connection, there is a growing need to expand the responsibility for international affairs beyond Washington and the federal government.

As cities and states emerge as influential global actors in diplomacy, their evolving impact on various areas, including international trade, business development, climate change migration, and global health, becomes increasingly apparent.


Our All Diplomacy is Local - Strengthing City and State Statecraft report details the takeaways from a multitude of Meridian's programming in this space. Inside the pages of the report, you’ll find:

  • The Rise of Subnational Diplomacy: Top Takeaways
  • Emphasizing the Importance of City and State Diplomacy in Shaping Foreign Policy
  • 2023 Diplomacy Forum Speakers and On-Demand Links
  • How Preserving Democracy Domestically Strengthens It Globally
  • Strengthening Collaboration For Sustainable Development
  • Senior Staff from Governors’ Offices Discuss How to Best Engage at the State Level



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