DiplomacyRISE (Readiness, Innovation, Skill, and Equity)

DiplomacyRISE is Meridian’s investment in the future of diplomacy and strengthening of America’s international relations talent ecosystem by developing the next generation of global affairs practitioners that reflect America’s diversity and are equipped with 21st century statecraft skills and knowledge. The inclusive professional development initiative provides college students and young professionals with greater access to critical skills training, career guidance networks and emerging issue area expertise.

Since launching DiplomacyRISE in April 2021, Meridian has partnered with the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program, National Science Policy Network, Theodore Roosevelt High School and Una Chapman Cox Foundation on building out their career development programs, while routinely speaking with college and university groups on professional pathways to diplomacy and global affairs positions.

In summer 2022, Meridian is partnering with the National Science Policy Network and Global Blood Therapeutics on a Diplomatic Skills Training for Young Scientists course to provide scientists, doctors, engineers and similar professionals interested in becoming international affairs practitioners with education focused on soft skills that are central to diplomacy. Meridian is also organizing international affairs workshops as part of the Global Community College Transfers Summer Mentorship Program. Science diplomacy and engagement with community colleges has been an early focus of DiplomacyRISE.

For more information on DiplomacyRISE, please reach out to Frank Justice fjustice@meridian.org or Vishva Bhatt vbhatt@meridian.org.

DiplomacyRISE Overview 2022


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