Building on more than 60 years of experience, Meridian’s custom training programs combine practical tools with expertise from our high-level network, ensuring our private and public sector partners are equipped to navigate global challenges and opportunities.

Meridian develops trainings that are tailored to individual program requirements for leadership development. Meridian believes that the strength of a training program lies in its ability to connect people with issues as well as with broader global networks, and Meridian accomplishes this through a combination of instruction and experiential learning. Effective learning often happens without participants realizing that they are being “taught,” rather through interactions with thought leaders and global partners.

Meridian designs custom training that can incorporate a variety of client needs – classroom, experiential, or a combination of the two. In addition, Meridian is expert at bringing cultural programming and engagement into its training programs in order to fully develop global leaders who are both intellectually and artistically aware on a global level. Meridian also works with the private sector to custom design and implement global leadership exchange programs, corporate diplomacy trainings, trade missions and fellowships.

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