The Return of Great Powers: Book Talk and Reception with Jim Sciutto

“This is a 1939 moment,” declared Jim Sciutto on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at Meridian International Center. That evening, Meridian, in collaboration with Jim Sciutto, hosted a discussion and reception celebrating the CNN’s Anchor and Chief National Security Analyst’s new book, The Return of Great Powers: Russia, China, and the Next World War.    

Senior U.S. Government officials, foreign ambassadors, and luminaries from the media, think tank, business, and national security communities gathered to hear Meridian CEO Ambassador Stuart Holliday and Jim Sciutto discuss the book, including such topics as U.S. policy vis-à-vis China and Russia, new arenas of modern warfare, and the impact November’s election results could have on U.S. foreign policy. Attendees were challenged to consider what U.S. leadership might look like in a world returning to great power conflict.  

Following the conversation, guests enjoyed a reception and received signed copies of the book. 

Photo credit: Jess Latos  

Project summary

The Return of Great Powers: Book Talk and Reception with Jim Sciutto
Number of Attendees: 59
Impact Areas: Foreign Policy, Security and Defense, Media and Journalism
Partners: Individuals/Donors, Diplomatic Corps, Public Sector