NSC Advisor Mia Mitchell on the Upcoming 2019 G7 Summit

On August 13, the Meridian Corporate Council partnered with Temasek to host Ms. Mia Mitchell of the National Security Council for a discussion on the upcoming G7 Summit in France, the W-GDP Initiative and international development programs, explaining structural changes as well as opportunities for the private sector to engage with the administration’s goals.

With the signing of the BUILD Act in October 2018, America’s international development strategy is undergoing a restructuring to make the United States a “stronger and more competitive leader on the global development stage.” Ms. Mitchell, who is involved in the White House’s international development efforts, outlined the benefits of the Act and how international development is considered a critical component of the administration’s international economic strategy, including policy points such as China and Venezuela. From her point of view, development work, when paired with the private sector, is embraced as a necessary and effective tool in advancing American foreign policy.

Ms. Mitchell is also the Sous-Sherpa for the G7 Summit in France and hopes to find common ground at the summit on inequality issues through international development, but she is cognizant of the differences between the French and American administrations. Regardless of the outcome of the 2019 summit, the United States will host the 2020 summit, and hopes to take a “back to the basics” approach to the G7, honoring its original intention of promoting economic cooperation between the core group of members, in a show of stability amidst high demands from President Trump as the United States takes a nontraditional trade policy approach.



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NSC Advisor Mia Mitchell on the Upcoming 2019 G7 Summit | August 2019
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