Meridian and Booz Allen Hamilton Cohost Interactive Session on “Culture at Work”

Meridian, in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton, hosted a simulation exercise and panel discussion on “Culture at Work: Building an Intercultural Organization for an Interconnected World.ʺ Meridian’s President and CEO, Ambassador Stuart Holliday, opened the event by framing the importance of “intercultural communication” with Booz Allen Hamilton’s Vice President, Grant McLaughlin, sharing a brief overview of their work and research in this space.

Dr. Lori Zukin, a Principal with Booz Allen Hamilton, led attendees - comprised primarily of members of the diplomatic community and international organizations - through an interactive human resource profile exercise. In Dr. Zukin’s words, “Given that we are global leaders living in a very complex global environment, we need to challenge our assumptions, be mindful of our own limitations and cultural biases, and develop our inter-cultural agility.”

Following the scenario, a group of experts including Dr. J.P. Singh, Professor of Global Affairs and Cultural Studies, George Mason University; Kinsey Casey, Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State’s Global Partnership Initiative; Jason Kemp, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton; and Luis Viada, President of Meridian’s Global Leadership Institute addressed themes and questions that emerged from the group discussions. Topics of discussion included the relationship between intercultural skills and individual/organizational performance, the role of technology and the unique challenges and opportunities afforded to leaders within global organizations.

Project summary

Meridian and Booz Allen Hamilton Cohost Interactive Session on “Culture at Work” | February 2014
Number of Attendees: 68
Impact Areas: Business and Trade, Cultural Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy
Program Areas: Convening, Culture, Training
Partners: Private Sector
Global Leadership Institute's Luis Viada