Bringing Peru to the Forefront: A conversation with Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Claudia Cornejo

On May 4, 2021, the Meridian Corporate Council partnered with Fluor to host a virtual conversation with Her Excellency Claudia Eugenia Cornejo Mohme, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism for Peru for a discussion on their economic progress and her insight into the future of U.S.-Peru relations. Minister Cornejo emphasized her hope in the role U.S. companies can play within Peru’s nontraditional and traditional trade sectors and the potential influence of a new president, expected to lead the country in the coming months.

Minister Claudia Cornejo has over 18 years of experience in the public sector. She became Vice-Minister of Tourism in 2011 and lead the creation and implementation of the first National Tourism Plan. In November 2020, she became the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism under the government of President Francisco Sagasti. She has also been involved in the private sector, through various management and consulting positions. Prior to her current role, she held the position of Chief Executive Officer of CONFIEP, the largest private organization of Peruvian businesses.

Throughout the webinar, Minister Cornejo celebrated the 12-year anniversary of the U.S.-Peru bilateral free trade agreement and emphasized the need for fair and transparent economic relationships worldwide. She highlighted that trade figures for 2021 appear promising; however, experts believe that the plans of new presidential candidates may decrease the influence of big business in the country and forgo foreign pending direct investment deals. Minister Cornejo acknowledged this risk, but she assured business leaders that there are check and balances in Peru that will address these drastic proposals and changes as they come. Additionally, as Peru begins to face a second surge of COVID-19, analysts are concerned that the consequences will increase the hardships on foreign and domestic businesses. Minister Cornejo agreed with the concerns, but concluded by stating that, although the past was challenging, she remains hopeful that the government has prepared the country to enter a prosperous and stable future. Minister Cornejo concluded her thoughts by thanking business leaders for their continued support of Peru and urged companies to connect and advise Peru on best practices that will strengthen its economy.

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Bringing Peru to the Forefront: A conversation with Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Claudia Cornejo | May 2021
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