Corporate Council Partnerships

In addition to its corporate members, the Council has the privilege of partnering with Research and Institutional Partners to amplify and highlight the efforts of corporations and organizations to maintain successful connections between the public and private sectors and diplomatic corps. Partners are instrumental in strengthening these relations through their wealth of experts on global trade issues, as well as their promotion of co-branded events to enhance knowledge of Meridian's commercial diplomacy initiatives across Washington, DC and the country.

Research and Knowledge Partners

Research Partners of the Meridian Corporate Council help to drive commercial diplomacy efforts by identifying rising leaders and corporate diplomats who are committed to the global engagement of the private sector. They also produce co-branded outputs and reports on the latest issues affecting companies on the world stage.

In addition, Research Partners advise corporate members on emerging global issues and provide their expertise on best practices for mission-driven leadership as it relates to international corporate social responsibility efforts.  Through these partnerships, Meridian is dedicated to shaping the next generation of purposeful corporate leaders.

Institutional Partners

Institutional Partners of the Corporate Council serve to cross-promote convenings specifically related to the future of global business and trade with high-ranking Administration officials and diplomats, as well as share their network of experts to provide corporate members with inside insight into current global policy negotiations and regulations.