U.S. Speaker Program for Korea

The U.S. Speaker Program for Korea, part of the Public Diplomacy Programs sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, is designed to connect U.S. experts with Korean audiences and institutions through virtual and in-person exchanges; to promote a better understanding of U.S. strategic priorities, policies and institutions; and to build linkages between experts and institutions in the United States and the Republic of Korea. The program provides opportunities for American experts to travel to Korea to engage with audiences through lectures, workshops, and seminars; through appearances in foreign media; and in a consultancy capacity and also to engage with local audiences through virtual events. 

The program began in the Fall of 2023 and provides the opportunity for U.S. experts to travel to Korea for programs up to five-days long designed by the U.S. Embassy in Seoul in cooperation with Meridian and other in-country partners. Speakers have addressed a variety of relevant topics including: foreign policy, cybersecurity, education and leadership, and others.  

Project summary