Mayan Discoveries Panel Discussion and Lecture

On January 27, 2022 Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy partnered with the Embassy of Guatemala to host a discussion on recent archaeological discoveries made by Dr. Marcello Canuto and Dr. Francisco Estrada-Belli of Tulane University and Dr. Tomás Barrientos of the Universidad de Valle de Guatemala. The archaeologists are part of a team of researchers led by Guatemala’s PACUNAM LiDAR Initiative, who recently discovered dozens of ancient, previously lost Mayan cities of more than 60,000 houses, palaces, elevated highways and other large constructions in the jungles of Guatemala. The program began with a lecture by Dr. Canuto and Dr. Estrada-Belli followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Barrientos, Dr. Sarah Parcak (University of Alabama), and Dr. John Walker (University of Central Florida), moderated by Dr. Loa Traxler (University of New Mexico). Guests included students, leading archaeologists and anthropologists, cultural heritage and museum professionals and scholars, and organizations with a focus on Central America, Pre-Columbian studies, and Mayan cultures. The program was presented in English with Spanish translation, and concluded with a Q&A session open to the audience. Learn more about the program here. 

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Mayan Discoveries Panel Discussion and Lecture
Regions: Western Hemisphere
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