Egypt – Musical Theatre Cultural Exchange

In partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Meridian International Center organized a two-week program for members of the Egyptian musical theatre group Fabrica to travel to the United States for a cultural exchange between the two countries. Members of the group were given the chance to travel and perform in Washington, DC, New York, NY, Boston, MA, and Brattleboro, VT. Program goals included creating linkages between the Egyptian performers and their American counterparts; create an indigenous Musical Theatre genre in Egypt; and garner support for Egypt’s democratic transition, especially in regards to safeguarding the freedom of speech and improving the economic climate. While in the U.S., the performers were able to take part in acting and singing workshops and classes, as well as interact with American performers in order to get a better understanding of cultural differences and similarities.

Project summary

Egypt – Musical Theatre Cultural Exchange | January 2014
Number of Visitors: 17
Regions: Near East and North Africa
Countries: Egypt
Impact Areas: Cultural Diplomacy, Media and Journalism, Public Diplomacy
Program Areas: Culture, Exchanges, Training
Partners: Public Sector