Education and Employability – Pakistan

Participants traveled to DC, Boston, Tulsa, and Dallas to learn about the nexus between the education and labor sectors and how public and private U.S. institutions strive to create a system that prepares students and young people for the workforce. Pakistan has an overwhelmingly young population and seeks to improve the career readiness of this population through the education system and opportunities outside of the traditional school setting.

IVLP participants from Pakistan traveled to DC, Boston, Tulsa, and Dallas to learn about public and private sector approaches to workforce development. They met with Kian Kamas, Executive Director of Partner Tulsa, in Tulsa to discuss women’s economic empowerment. One participant, Ms. Mahwash Imran, said that the group's visit with Ms. Kamas gave her insight into the role of local governments in creating strategies to tackle many issues impacting women’s economic inclusion, such as homelessness, joblessness, domestic abuse, and more.

The work that is being done for the rehabilitation of women coming from abusive backgrounds is what truly caught my attention in this meeting. The provision of childcare in particular for women to be able to undergo training programs is something that shows how well aware the authorities are of the problems of women.

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Education and Employability – Pakistan
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