Digital and Media Literacy Education – A Project for Netherlands

Meridian International welcomed 13 Dutch educators including nine consultants or advisors to the ministry of education or schools, two public school digital coordinators, and several schoolteachers to Washington on December 13, 2019.  Digital and media literacy formed the basis for this International Visitor Leadership Program although with classroom visits to American schools, the visitors could compare the similarities and differences between U.S. and Dutch schooling.  Along with classroom visits, the project included meetings with school administrators and teachers, specialists in digital education, NGO’s focused on media literacy, think tanks on education, and academics focused on communication, teacher training, and digital curricula development.  The group spent five days in Washington including meetings with the EdTech team at the World Bank, the education department of the Newseum, the Aspen Institute, and the New America think tank. In Kalamazoo they met the teaching faculty from the University of Western Michigan and visited a high school with IT classes.  Finally, the project ended in Providence, Rhode Island where they attended a full-day workshop at the Media Education Lab as well as a meeting with the state department of education.  One of the visitors commented that this is an inspiring program with divers programs and the people we meet are great.


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Digital and Media Literacy Education – A Project for Netherlands | November -0001
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