Democratic Transitions in the U.S. Political System


IVLP Participants take a group photo at the Inauguration Ceremony
IVLP Participants take a group photo at the Inauguration Ceremony

The multi-regional International Visitor Leadership Program titled "Democratic Transitions in the U.S. Political System" brought together 18 leaders from all over the world to explore issues of concern to the U.S. electorate, enhance their understanding of the U.S. system of federalism and democracy as practices in the United States, and gain an overview of the U.S. electoral process. The participants came from a variety of backgrounds ranging from educators and consultants to government officials and members of the media. Their program, which spanned over two weeks, began in Washington, DC before splitting into four groups that went to Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Reno, NV; and New Orleans, LA. In each city, participants took part in appointments that discussed various themes including the state election process, involvement of local media institutions in the election, and the opinions of local organizations.

One of the main highlights from this program was that the group was able to attend the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017. Afterwards they were able to march in the parade through Washington, DC.


International Visitor Leadership Program, U.S. Department of State

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