2023 TIP Report Heroes | A Multi-Regional Project

In partnership with the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Meridian was proud to curate International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) exchanges for the 2023 TIP Report Heroes. Recognized by the U.S. Secretary of State for their courageous efforts to combat trafficking in persons (TIP) around the world, these Heroes take bold, brave action in challenging circumstances to end trafficking and support survivors.  

2023 TIP Report Heroes with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


After receiving this prestigious honor, seven TIP Report Heroes embarked on a two-week IVLP project to better understand the TIP landscape in the United States and connect with American counterparts across sectors. From law enforcement to local government, nonprofit organizations to academia, visitors witnessed the cooperation between actors to support this cause from different angles.  

Beginning in Washington, DC, the TIP Report Heroes participated in tailored U.S. Department of State briefings to learn more about American efforts to monitor and combat trafficking in persons both at home and abroad. This was followed by a networking opportunity with members of the Human Trafficking Expert Consultant Network, the State Department’s top network of experts who consult on anti-trafficking policies, programs and products.  

Following their time in Washington, the TIP Heroes traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to better understand federal and state public sector responses to trafficking. Meetings with the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ (FBI) Boston Division discussed efforts to combat the exploitation of individuals, particularly those who work in labor industries, such as agriculture and domestic service. Meetings also highlighted the role of media and investigative reporting in exposing trafficking and increasing public awareness.  

TIP Heroes Meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Office in Boston, Massachusetts.

To round out their program, visitors ventured south to Miami, Florida where meaningful exchanges with communities and nonprofit organizations gave an inside look into how vulnerable groups fight trafficking. Visitors spent a full day with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, an advocacy group formed from a small community of immigrant workers who cracked a slavery ring in their town, and fight against migrant worker exploitation. A tour of their operations and casual opportunities for discussion, including an informal lunch, allowed the Heroes an inside look into community-based advocacy work.  

In reflecting on their IVLP experience, Heroes shared that this work has inspired them to continue fighting against human trafficking. Ms. Eumelis Moya of Venezuela shared that, “to share with organizations which have had success working with survivors, seeing how that assistance is brought forth, [it] inspires me to create and implement those models which could greatly help my country.” For Mr. Basim Abdul-Razzak and Ms. Iman Al Sailawi of Iraq, they found that “the TIP Report Heroes Award places an additional responsibility on us and enables us to take our work to the next level. It raises the bar on us to improve our facilities and build our staff capacity and adopt new methods of work.” 

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"2023 TIP Report Heroes Engage with American Anti-Trafficking Professionals through the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)" Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

"Pakistani officer Zaheer Ahmed receives prestigious TIP Hero Award for anti-trafficking efforts." The Nation

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Project summary

2023 TIP Report Heroes | A Multi-Regional Project
Number of Visitors: 7
Countries: Iraq, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cambodia, Peru
Impact Areas: Human and Civil Rights
Program Areas: Global Leadership
Partners: NGOs, Public Sector, Private Sector