Sam Seun

Head of Buddhism @ Kor Monastery, Kampong Cham Province

GSL CONNECTION: Seun was a part of the International Visitor Leadership Program in the United States

AREAS OF INTEREST: Youth Development – Sam is interested in giving the youth of his country an education and a bright future. He admits that it makes him sad to think of orphans or children who do not have time to go to school or cannot go due to family conditions. He frequently advocates for political reform and an abolishment of corrupt behavior that he sees as preventing development and upward movement in his country.

Sam is a Buddhist monk in the Kor Monastery in the Kampongcham province of Phnom Penh City, and is involved in educational service. Since 2004 he has volunteered his time teaching English and Khmer culture to students in both high school and primary school. Sam’s dedication to the community has allowed him to be successful in his service and has led him to be considered Manager of the schools he works in.

Sam Participates regularly in local festivals, offering sermons on the basic principles of Buddhism, mutual respect between neighbors, the benefits of education, and caring for the environment.

Sam also works with Peace Corps volunteers who are assigned to his commune.