Oksana Kovalenko

2023 IVLP Impact Award Project: The School for Future LeadersUkraine

Oksana Kovalenko is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.  She is the co-owner and creative director at 2KOLYORY, a brand of national ethnic clothing. She has previously worked as an associate professor of the Department of Economic Theory and Micro- and Macroeconomics of the Faculty of Economics. Oksana has also authored youth programs for the Diia.Business. Oksana received her master's and doctorate degrees in Economics at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.  

IVLP Impact Award Project: The School for Future Leaders

The School for Future Leaders was a project created to develop the soft skills of 150-200 young people to reveal the potential of future leaders. The project attracted 120 university participants who learned about the leadership and soft skills needed to be an entrepreneur. 

The goal was to develop the soft skills and leadership skills required of entrepreneurs and to raise awareness on how to start a business, create and implement social projects and charitable initiatives through workshops, master classes, business conferences, and educational events. The program offered 10 workshops covering topics like public speaking, team building and business development. Mentors also worked with participants in weekly mini groups to assist with homework and develop the idea for the final project, where students created a business idea. In addition to the workshops and mentorship sessions, additional speakers including Iuna Potomkina (IVLP alumna), MP Oleksandr Marikovsky and Solomiia Vitvitska (1+1 Media news presenter) were brought to present to the group.

The project created an environment where participants can experiment and explore different roles such as entrepreneur, project manager, blogger, or volunteer. They were exposed to an environment of like-minded people and leaders who are ready to take risks and create ambitious projects.

"I have understood what leadership is. I have learned to communicate with people, work in a team, and solve important issues." – Project Participant

IVLP Exchange Experience 

Oksana was a participant in the IVLP Project Women and Entrepreneurship II, organized by the U.S. Department of State and the Institute of International Education.

Oksana's exchange experience led to the development of her IVLP Impact Award Project: "An important part of the project is the mentoring program for alumni and leaders, which allows experts to join youth initiatives and serves as a kind of guide in their implementation."

U.S. Communities Visited

Los Angeles, CA; Washington, DC; Kansas City, MO; Philadelphia, PA; Dallas, TX

Country: Ukraine

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