Magdalena Dropek

2022 IVLP Impact Award Project: We’re here! - LGBTQIA Activism in Challenging EnvironmentsPoland

Magdalena Dropek is a graduate of Polish philology and journalism at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Magdalena was the editor of the biggest and the oldest LGBTQ news outlet in Poland. Since 2012 she has been a co-organizer of Queer May Festival and Equality March in Kraków. In 2013 Magdalena became a board member of Foundation, whose actions are focused on strengthening LGBTQ people in small cities in southern Poland. Magdalena is also a member of City Hall Cracow's Council for Equal Treatment. 

IVLP Impact Award Project: We’re here! LGBTQIA Activism in Challenging Environments

This project prepared online live meetings, talks and interviews with international LGBTQIA activists across Poland. The meetings focused on areas that challenge activists and queer initiatives surrounding activism. The online meetings educated activists on how to support the LGBTQIA community locally and in unfriendly surroundings. Interviews were published in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Belarusian as there is a growing number of queer communities in those countries.

The online meetings that were held had over 10,000 viewers and participants. Additionally, seven interviews took place, with four of them being held in Ukrainian in addition to Polish and English. The project ultimately provided a broader and more inclusive platform for the LGBTQIA community in Poland and created international solidarity with the Polish queer community.

Check out Magdalena's project here: We are here – Fundacja Równość (

"I was touched by our talk about community, it showed me new ways to approach my work." - Project Participant

IVLP Exchange Experience 

Magdalena was a participant in the IVLP Project LGBTQI+ Civil Society Organizations Operating in Challenging Environments organized by the U.S. Department of State and Meridian International Center.

Magdalena's exchange experience led to the development of her IVLP Impact Award Project: "Community is my inspiration that's why it's important to network and share our experience."

U.S. Communities Visited Virtually

San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC; New York City, NY; Rapid City, SD

Country: Poland

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