Alexandros Arampatzis

Managing Director @ Diktyo Media Organization

GSL CONNECTION: Panelist at the Service Innovation Summit in Madrid, 2012.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Environment – For the past three years, Alexandros organized the Kerkini Lake cleanup, which engages more than 2,000 students from Serres and the Northern Greece region, as well as coordinated workshops and an environmental conference.

Alexandros uses his educational background in journalism and media as a tool to promote a culture of service and volunteerism through his magazine publications. He hopes to develop and standardize best practices regarding the use of media in supporting service work. Alexandros often combines his talent in media and his passion for service to organize philanthropic events and design environmental conservation projects in his local community.

Alexandros manages a media group in Northern Greece and is also engaged in projects that serve the community of his city and foster a culture of service and civic responsibility in the region.