Request for Proposal: Partnership for Study Tour for Russian Independent Media in Exile

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Meridian International Center is soliciting competitive proposals for partnership to implement a shortterm study tour for a group of international journalists and media professionals between April 14 and April 24, 2024. The study tour aims to expand the journalist's industry knowledge on sustainable business models, nonprofit newsrooms and revenue streams, audience-engaged newsroom culture, and journalistic ethics (see Part II for the list of topics).

The study tour will include meetings with relevant U.S. subject matter experts, journalists, government officials, and civil society representatives. The program will begin in Washington, DC, with an orientation and relevant meetings based on the participants' needs. Immediately following, the participants will travel to selected Community-Based Member (CBM) for approximately two to three days in each city for professional programming.

Meridian will work with the selected CBM before the participants arrive to provide background on the U.S. Embassy's expectations, program and participant goals, objectives, and potential for outcomes. Participants will be selected by the U.S. Department of State. Meridian will arrange for up to two Russian language simultaneous interpreters to accompany up to six program participants. The participants will represent a diverse background in terms of media and newsroom experience, as well as exposure to the tour’s theme. Resources should be identified to accommodate this variation

The bidder must submit its bid proposal via the Formsite submission link: Study Tour for Russian Journalists Partner Request for Proposals ( The bidder is advised to read thoroughly and follow all instructions. Bid proposals must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST, February 29, 2024.