USTDA China Healthcare Executive Leadership Training Program (2018)

Opportunity to meet with 25 Chinese healthcare leaders from provincial and central health ministries and hospitals across China

On a two week visit to the United States, Chinese decision-makers will learn about U.S. health system operations, including organizational structure, residency training, comparative policies, and innovative U.S. technologies that can improve patient care and safety. The itinerary features training, meetings, and site visits with U.S. firms that supply related products, services, and solutions.

Opportunities for U.S. firms to participate:

  • Attend the workshop and reception
  • Hear from Chinese healthcare officials about trends in the Chinese market
  • Network with executives from Chinese hospitals

Meridian is coordinating the program on behalf of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and in collaboration with China’s Health Human Resources Development Center (HHRDC), the U.S.-China Healthcare Cooperation Program (HCP), and Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

U.S.-China Healthcare Workshop and Reception

As part of the visit, USTDA is hosting a workshop and reception on September 27 at the Hilton Chicago/Magnificent Mile Suites, where U.S. companies can hear about upcoming projects and procurements in China’s healthcare industry. Registration is required.

Please note that attendance at this event is limited to U.S. individuals, U.S. firms, or U.S. consultants as defined in USTDA’s Nationality, Source and Origin Requirements, available on USTDA’s website at


In 2009, China announced plans to expand healthcare system reforms with the goal of providing universal healthcare by 2020. With a growing population of over 1.3 billion, China has a rising demand for quality healthcare services. Driving this demand are factors such as aging demographics, public healthcare reforms, and increasing affluence and urbanization. In addressing these issues, China is working to close the knowledge gap between senior healthcare management and procurement mechanisms, as well as learn more about the latest IT and medical technologies available. Shrinking this gap will greatly improve the overall healthcare system by improving the management and day-to-day functions of healthcare facilities through the use of advanced medical technologies and healthcare management best practices.



U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Project summary

USTDA China Healthcare Executive Leadership Training Program (2018) | September 2018
Number of Visitors: 24
Regions: East Asia and Pacific
Countries: China
Impact Areas: Global Health
Partners: Public Sector