Switzerland – U.S. Mission to the UN: Internet Freedom Fellows

As a continuation of the Internet Freedom Fellowship program which began March 3rd, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland, Meridian International Center organized a weeklong trip for the UN Internet Freedom Fellows to travel to the U.S. and share experiences and lessons learned on the importance of a free internet in the promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly as a fundamental human right. Fellows included representatives from Russia, China, Nigeria, Sudan, New Zealand, and Ghana; these fellows were given the chance to travel to Washington, DC and San Francisco to meet with activists, U.S. government leaders, civil society advocates, and technological experts to enhance their understanding of the relationship between uncensored internet and human rights. .were able to expand their program knowledge and goals for the future in furthering relations between U.S. embassies and the country of Chile.

Project summary

Switzerland – U.S. Mission to the UN: Internet Freedom Fellows | March 2013
Number of Visitors: 6
Regions: East Asia and Pacific, Africa, Europe and Eurasia
Countries: China, Ghana, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, Sudan
Impact Areas: Cultural Diplomacy, Human and Civil Rights, Media and Journalism, Science and Technology
Program Areas: Global Leadership, Diplomatic Engagement
Partners: Public Sector