Re-opened, re-formed and re-authorized: a conversation with EXIM Chairman Kimberly Reed

On January 14, 2020, the Meridian Corporate Council partnered with Caterpillar to host Chairman Kimberly A. Reed, President and Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), for a discussion on the newly reauthorized Bank, and its mandate from Congress.

In May of 2019, Kimberly A. Reed was confirmed as the first woman Chairman in the Bank’s 85- year history. She has worked swiftly since coming into this role, re-opening the Bank after its 4.5-year closure, and emphasizing a new central vision of keeping America strong. Meridian and its Corporate Council had the opportunity to learn more about recent accomplishments, as well as new visions and goals of EXIM in a closed-door discussion with Chairman Reed, amid this very historic moment for the Bank. Chairman Reed highlighted what she considers to be the most central framework of her mission as Chairman: re-open the Bank, re-form the Bank, and re-authorize the Bank.

Chairman Reed plans to accomplish goals that are in line with this framework through a variety of strategies. She drew special attention to the Mozambique LNG project, for which the EXIM Board of Directors voted to approve a direct loan of $5 billion for the construction of a liquified natural gas (LNG) pipeline in Mozambique, and the central focus of EXIM on China, making specific reference to the connection between national security and economic security. In both cases, Chairman Reed made connections to EXIM’s focus on certain sectors such as AI, 5G, and renewables, additionally tying these factors into the Bank’s key domestic mission of creating U.S. jobs. After years of the Bank being closed, Chairman Reed is working diligently to re-vamp the Bank as a whole, demonstrating the priority of bolstering U.S. strength with each of her efforts.

Photos by Jessica Latos.

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Re-opened, re-formed and re-authorized: a conversation with EXIM Chairman Kimberly Reed
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