Pilgrimage: Photographs by Steve McCurry

Pilgrimage: Photographs by Steve McCurry is a National Geographic exhibition that paid homage to pilgrims as they searched for deeper meaning in their lives through worship and simple daily acts. The 50 images by McCurry were drawn from his work in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Burma (Myanmar). Photographs selected for this exhibition depicted a variety of activities—from Hindu villagers celebrating Holi to a nine-year-old Buddhist monk living and working in a monastery. The exhibition transported viewers through the multiple dimensions of spiritual life in South Asia.

McCurry's work has been featured in numerous major magazines around the globe. Many of his images have become modern icons. His famous photograph, The Afghan Girl, is known worldwide and was featured in an exhibition that Meridian and National Geographic sent to Iran in 2002.

Pilgrimage was organized and produced by the National Geographic Museum at Explorers Hall.

Project summary

Pilgrimage: Photographs by Steve McCurry | July 2005
Regions: South and Central Asia
Countries: India, Nepal, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Burma
Impact Areas: Cultural Diplomacy
Program Areas: Culture
Partners: Public Sector