Passage to India

CEO of Punjab Grill, Karan Singh, talks with members of the Meridian Global Leadership Council over dinner.

Restaurateur Karan Singh hosted a salon dinner at Punjab Grill's flagship American location on March 13, 2019, for the Meridian Global Leadership Council. Members were invited to participate in a dialogue on understanding the role of hospitality and tradition in Indian culture while experiencing fine cuisine.

Singh highlighted his desire to introduce American audiences to the radical hospitality of Punjabi culture. "In Punjab, the guest is King," he explained, before diving into his vision for creating a piece of Punjab in Washington, DC. Punjab Grill was designed and built in India before it was taken apart, shipped to D.C. and then rebuilt -- truly making it an authentic Indian experience. The interior of the restaurant is complete with traditional Indian decoration, such as the palace of mirrors, the detailed carved wood, the white marble and more.

Chef Jaspratap Bindra aims to elevate traditional Indian street food to fine dining; for example, taking a messy food like gol gappa and upgrading it with spiced water poured into small passion fruit orbs. Council members were immersed in the experience of Punjabi culinary diplomacy through the rich flavors and elegant decor of Singh's home region.

Project summary

Passage to India
Number of Attendees: 48
Regions: South and Central Asia
Countries: India, United States
Impact Areas: Civic Engagement, Cultural Diplomacy, Food Security, Public Diplomacy
Partners: Private Sector