Meridian honors congressional and ambassadorial spouses

On Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Meridian, in collaboration with Ball Committee members Megan Beyer and Debbie Meadows, hosted a special luncheon honoring congressional and ambassadorial spouses. This event provided a unique opportunity to bring together spouses of congressional representatives on both sides of the aisle and ambassadors from around the world to engage in conversation and solidify the relationships between the two sectors.

Guests enjoyed refreshments in the Linden Grove before Ambassador Stuart W. Holliday, President and CEO of Meridian, provided welcoming remarks, reinforcing the need for a strengthening relationship between Meridian and congressional and ambassadorial spouses. Guests then enjoyed remarks from Megan Beyer and Debbie Meadows over lunch, who spoke about the Meridian Ball and the important role it plays in bringing people together from Washington D.C. and around the world.

More than 25 guests joined us for the luncheon, including Manisha Kapani, President of the Kapani Family Foundation and this year’s Meridian Ball Chair; Her Excellency Emily Haber, Ambassador of the Republic of Germany; and Gayle Manchin, former West Virginia Secretary of Education and the Arts and this year’s Congressional Chair. Each guest shared insights about their background and the role that Meridian and the Ball has played in providing opportunities for those in the diplomatic corps and public sector to bridge divides and bring communities closer together.

Photos by to Kurstin Roe Photography | @roephoto

Project summary

Meridian honors congressional and ambassadorial spouses
Regions: Western Hemisphere
Countries: United States
Impact Areas: Civic Engagement, Governance and Transparency, Public Diplomacy
Program Areas: Diplomacy
Partners: Diplomatic Corps, Public Sector