Marginalized Populations and Health Care


IVLP Participants at an appointment with the Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center

The multi-regional "Marginalized Populations and Health Care" International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) brought together 16 health care officials, medical professionals, and community leaders in an effort to examine the U.S. health care system, visit medical facilities, and explore training and professional development programs for doctors and support networks. Participants travelled together to multiple cities including Washington, DC; New York, NY; and Jacksonville, FL before splitting into multiple groups to visit Minneapolis, MN; Reno, NV; Albuquerque, NM and Santa Fe, NM. The visitors then rejoined to close their program in Seattle, WA.

Highlights from the first round of cities for the group included meetings with the Office of International Health and Biodefense, Health Resources and Service Administration, and the Florida Department of Health. In each of the city splits, the visitors engaged with their counterparts to discuss various topics including State-level health campaigns, public education initiatives for HIV/AIDS, and health concerns for marginalized populations. When the participants reconvened in Seattle, they participated in and finished the last two portions of their three-part "Action Planning Workshop", which focused on refining in-country projects and objectives as they related to the goals of the IVLP. Three participants were also selected to take part in a panel discussion sponsored by the Washington Global Health Alliance and the Institute for health Metrics and Evaluation.


International Visitor Leadership Program, U.S. Department of State

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