Investigative Journalist Program: A Project for Ukraine

The “Ukraine Investigative Journalist Program” was a U.S. based tour sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv and organized by Meridian International Center. The two program participants were winners of the Second Annual U.S. Embassy/Ukrainska Pravda Investigative Journalism Competition, which took place December 10, 2012. The two participants were given the chance to travel to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, and New York, NY to meet with renowned U.S. investigatory reporting skills. Program goals included giving participants an overview of American government and media, allowing participants to meet with prominent journalists to share experiences and exchange opinions on the field of journalism, and getting a better outlook on the functionality of U.S. press and media.

Project summary

Investigative Journalist Program: A Project for Ukraine | May 2013
Number of Visitors: 2
Regions: Europe and Eurasia
Impact Areas: Media and Journalism
Program Areas: Exchanges
Partners: Public Sector
Ukraine Media