Internet of Everything: A conversation with A/S Manisha Singh

On December 11, 2019, the Meridian Corporate Council along with 3M hosted Assistant Secretary of State, Manisha Singh, from the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs to discuss the future of the Internet of Things policy.

Assistant Secretary Singh opened with an explanation of the Innovation Roundtable including some of the past topics like AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain technology, and cloud technology. Each of these grows into the greater discussion of the Internet of Things or the ‘Internet of Everything’ as A/S Singh remarked. The Trump Administration correlated economic security and national security in the NSC Strategy that was released explaining that the U.S. and its partner companies needed to be trusted vendors globally. The Internet of Things will affect every part of society and has a convivence factor that will be helpful to many companies and private citizens; however, the privacy concern remains.

In addition, attendees expressed their concern that the European Union was writing laws that were damaging to their ability to compete and do business in Europe. While some countries such as Denmark have shown good faith by creating an Ambassador to the Technology industry, there seems to be a target on foreign companies working in Europe due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the digital services tax, which unfairly taxes foreign companies. A/S Singh was clear that the U.S. model to business would continue to be the preferred model during the technological transition.



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Internet of Everything: A conversation with A/S Manisha Singh
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