Guatemala Indigenous Leaders Visit the U.S.

The Guatemala Indigenous Leaders program brought ten indigenous leaders from Guatemala to Washington, DC, Chicago, IL and two border states (AZ, NM) to discuss tribal issues, border issues, and US-Native American cultural issues. During their visit to the U.S., the leaders also had the opportunity to reconnect with sacred Mayan texts. They visited the Newberry Library to hold a ceremony for the Popol Vuh or “Book of the People,” a collection of mytho-historical narratives originating from the Post Classic K’iche Kingdom of Guatemala.

This exchange program focused on key themes including:

  • Rule of law and good governance in indigenous communities;
  • Land rights policy and management;
  • Youth issues such as education, gang participation, and illegal drugs;
  • Cultural linkages between U.S. and Guatemalan indigenous leaders and communities;
  • Community leadership regarding factors that influence and counter irregular migration to the U.S. from Guatemala.



U.S. Department of State

Project summary

Guatemala Indigenous Leaders Visit the U.S. | October 2015
Regions: Western Hemisphere
Countries: Guatemala
Impact Areas: Cultural Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy
Program Areas: Exchanges
Partners: Diplomatic Corps