Faith Based Education – A Project for Indonesia

Faith Based Education IVLP participants tour St. Albans School in Washington, DC
Faith Based Education IVLP participants tour St. Alban's School in Washington, DC

Meridian International Center welcomed 9 visitors from Indonesia for a three week long International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in September. Made up of educators, school administrators, and policy makers, the group participated in the program to discuss educating youth on pluralism and responsible citizenship in a democratic society. During this IVLP the participants observed how state education standards accommodate religious schooling; identified ways to support U.S.-Indonesian cooperation; and networked with educational institutions, religious organizations, and government leaders. The participants convened in Washington, DC before departing for Detroit, MI; Dallas, TX; Austin, TX; and Portland, OR.

While in Washington, the group had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Neil Campbell, Director of Innovation and Education at the Center for American Progress, and discuss the K-12 Education system in the United States. The participants also met with the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, The U.S.-Indonesia Society, and  St. Alban's School.


U.S. Department of State
Global Ties Detroit
World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth

Project summary

Faith Based Education – A Project for Indonesia | September 2017
Number of Visitors: 9
Regions: East Asia and Pacific
Countries: Indonesia
Impact Areas: Education
Program Areas: Global Leadership
Partners: NGOs, Private Sector, Public Sector