Engaging LGBTI Allies

Engaging LBGTI Allies IVLP from Poland
Engaging LBGTI Allies IVLP from Poland

In this project for Poland, participants explored the role the U.S. government, local governments, and American NGOs play in promoting the human and civil rights of minority groups, particularly LGBTI persons, on both the federal level and locally, not just in large coastal cities but also in smaller cities and more rural areas. Throughout their ambitious domestic travel itinerary, which included stops in Phoenix, Arizona; Salt Lake City, Utah; Orlando, Florida and Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota the group learned about U.S. best practices related to the implementation of projects and policies aimed at combating discrimination or stigmatization and integrating a marginalized minority into society, focusing particularly on promoting education and tolerance among professionals in law enforcement and the medical field (doctors, nurses, and caregivers). Their meetings with LGBTI activists and community leaders provided them with the opportunity to develop strategies that will help promote tolerance, acceptance and human rights of LGBTI persons in Poland.


Project summary

Engaging LGBTI Allies | June 2016
Number of Visitors: 3
Regions: Europe and Eurasia
Countries: Poland
Impact Areas: Human and Civil Rights
Program Areas: Global Leadership
Partners: Private Sector, Public Sector, NGOs