Interagency teams bring success to U.S. companies

On October 10, 2019 the Meridian Corporate Council partnered with the U.S. Department of State to host a working group on deal teams with Ambassador Todd Chapman, Special Advisor to Undersecretary Krach, and Mr. Dan Negrea, Special Representative on Commercial and Business Affairs.

Ambassador Chapman and Mr. Negrea began their discussion by outlining the term ‘interagency team’ and the U.S. Department of State's vision for these teams. Interagency teams are an inter-agency group of individuals comprised of representatives from State, Commerce, the Export-Import Bank, USAID and other U.S. government agencies that work to close deals brought to the attention of U.S. companies and to identify business opportunities that can be transmitted to U.S. companies. Both emphasized that these teams were created for more than countering China, but also to support the world’s best entrepreneurs and companies from the U.S.

While Mr. Negrea and Ambassador Chapman envision success for these teams, many of the corporate leaders present responded to discuss some of their concerns surrounding this idea. A concern heard throughout the conversation was that members of these deal teams need connections and experience in the regions where they are working. In addition, some companies advocated for changing the narrative on how deals are valued since U.S. deals are more expensive but have better value-based determinations. Overall, deals teams were considered beneficial if implemented correctly to help break barriers of entry and bring deals to U.S. companies abroad.

Project summary

Interagency teams bring success to U.S. companies
Regions: Western Hemisphere
Impact Areas: Business and Trade
Program Areas: Convening
Partners: Public Sector