Afghan Diplomat Training Program

PDC Federalism
The PDC team of retired ambassadors introduced them to tools, techniques, and strategies to conduct their jobs.

Program Overview

In partnership with the Public Diplomacy Council and the University of Maryland ICONS Project, Meridian is developing a two-week training program for 15 English-speaking early career Afghan diplomats, focusing on diplomatic craft and management skills.

The program will provide delegates with a strong understanding of the diplomatic process and requisite protocol, including employing proper terminology and drafting diplomatic correspondence. Delegates will learn how to set and prioritize national goals and will become familiar with how to conduct strategic planning, policy formation, and embassy management, including budgeting and allocation of resources. They will practice participating effectively in negotiations and will learn to work with local, regional, and international media, including the use of new media such as social networking.

During their two weeks in Washington, DC, and New York, New York, delegates will examine these topics through classroom training, site visits, and meetings with professionals in the diplomatic and foreign policy fields.

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Impact Areas

  • Formulation and conduct of U.S. foreign policy, including the role of stakeholders within and outside of government
  • U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and SCA
  • Diplomatic communications
  • Embassy management
  • Protocol
  • Bilateral negotiations
  • Economic statecraft, trade and diplomacy
  • Consular operations
  • International Organizations
  • Messaging, public and media engagement, and the use of social media
  • The role of human rights in U.S. foreign policy

Project Staff

Project Sponsor

U.S. Embassy in Kabul

Project summary

Afghan Diplomat Training Program | October 2017
Number of Visitors: 15
Number of Attendees: 17
Regions: South and Central Asia
Countries: Afghanistan
Impact Areas: Governance and Transparency, Public Diplomacy
Program Areas: Training
Partners: Private Sector, Public Sector