50th Annual Meridian Ball

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Honorary Chair

First Lady
Melania Trump

Honorary Sponsor

Ambassador Sean P. Lawler
Chief of Protocol of the United States

Congressional Co-Chairs

The Honorable Scott Peters
and Ms. Lynn Gorguze
The Honorable Francis Rooney
and Mrs. Kathleen Rooney

Corporate Chair

Global Engagement Chair

Honorary committee

The Honorable Alma Adams
The Honorable Charles Allen
The Honorable Nanette Barragán
The Honorable John Barrassoand Mrs. Bobbi Barrasso
The Honorable Joe Barton
The Honorable Karen Bass
The Honorable Joyce Beatty and Mr. Otto Beatty Jr.
The Honorable Ami Bera and Mrs. Bera
The Honorable Donald S. Beyer, Jr. and Mrs. Beyer
The Honorable Diane Black and Dr. David Black
The Honorable Anita Bonds
Senator John Boozman and Mrs. Boozman
The Honorable Robert Brady and Mrs. Brady
The Honorable Brendan F. Boyle and Mrs. Boyle
The Honorable Ken Buck and Representative Perry Buck
The Honorable Theodore Budd and Mrs. Budd
The Honorable Cheri Bustos and Mr. Gerry Bustos
The Honorable George Butterfield
Senator Benjamin L. Cardin and Mrs. Cardin
The Honorable Buddy Carter and Mrs. Carter
The Honorable Joaquin Castro and Mrs. Anna Flores
The Honorable Judy Chu and Mr. Michael Eng
The Honorable David N. Cicilline
The Honorable Yvette D. Clarke
The Honorable Wm. Lacy Clay
The Honorable James E. Clyburn and Mrs. Clyburn
The Honorable Mike Coffman
The Honorable Tom Cole and Mrs. Cole
The Honorable Doug Collins and Mrs. Collins
The Honorable Gerald E. Connolly and Mrs. Connolly
Senator Chris Coons
The Honorable Ryan Costello and Mrs. Costello
The Honorable Charles Crist
The Honorable Joseph Crowley and Mrs. Crowley
The Honorable Henry Cuellar and Mrs. Cuellar
The Honorable Elijah Cummings and Dr. Rockeymoore Cummings
The Honorable Danny K. Davis and Mrs. Davis
The Honorable Diana DeGette
The Honorable John Delaney and Mrs. April McClain-Delaney
The Honorable Suzan DelBene and Mr. Kurt DelBene
The Honorable Ted Deutch and Mrs. Deutch
The Honorable Debbie Dingell and The Honorable John Dingell, Jr.
The Honorable Lloyd Doggett and Mrs. Doggett
The Honorable Mike Doyle and Mrs. Doyle
The Honorable Anna Eshoo
The Honorable Ronald Estes and Mrs. Estes
The Honorable Elizabeth Esty and Mr. Dan Esty
The Honorable Jack Evans
The Honorable Dianne Feinstein and Mr. Richard C. Blum
The Honorable Virginia Foxx and Mr. Tom Foxx
The Honorable Lois Frankel
The Honorable Michael Gallagher
The Honorable John Garamendi and Mrs. Garamendi
The Honorable Vicente Gonzalez and Mrs. Saenz-Gonzalez
The Honorable Samuel Graves
The Honorable Gene Green and Mrs. Green
The Honorable Carlos M. Gutierrez and Mrs. Gutierrez
The Honorable Alcee Hastings
Senator Maggie Hassan and Mr. Thomas Hassan
The Honorable French Hill and Mrs. Hill
The Honorable Himes and Mrs. Himes
The Honorable George Holding and Mrs. Holding
The Honorable Stuart W. Holliday and Mrs. Holliday
The Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee and Mr. Elwyn Lee

The Honorable William Keating and Mrs. Keating
Senator Angus S. King and Ms. Mary Herman
The Honorable Eddie Bernice Johnson
The Honorable Hank Johnson and Mrs. Johnson
The Honorable Trent Kelly and Mrs. Kelly
The Honorable Ro Khanna and Mrs. Khanna
The Honorable Raja Krishnamoorthi and Mrs. Priya Krishnamoorthi
The Honorable Ann Kuster and Mr. Brad Kuster
The Honorable Darin LaHood and Mrs. LaHood
The Honorable Brenda Lawrence and Mr. McArthur Lawrence
The Honorable Barbara Lee
The Honorable John Lewis
The Honorable Zoe Lofgren and Mr. John Marshall Collins
The Honorable Blaine Luetkemeyer and Mrs. Luetkemeyer
The Honorable Stephen F. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch
Senator Edward Markey and Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthal
The Honorable Doris Matsui
The Honorable James P. McGovern and Mrs. McGovern
The Honorable Mark Meadows and Mrs. Meadows
The Honorable Gregory W. Meeks and Mrs. Meeks
The Honorable Phil Mendelson
The Honorable Grace Meng and Mr. Wayne Kye
The Honorable Luke Messer and Mrs. Messer
The Honorable Seth Moulton and Mrs. Moulton
Senator Lisa Murkowski and Mr. Verne Martell
Senator Christopher Murphy and Ms. Catherine Holahan
The Honorable Dan Newhouse
Senator Rand Paul and Mrs. Paul
The Honorable Collin Peterson
The Honorable Robert Pittenger and Mrs. Pittenger
The Honorable Stacey Plaskett and Mr. Jonathan Buckney-Small
The Honorable David Price and Mrs. Price
The Honorable Jamie Raskin and Mrs. Raskin
Senator James E. Risch and Mrs. Risch
The Honorable Lucille Roybal-Allard and Mr. Edward T. Allard III
Senator Pat Roberts and Mrs. Roberts
The Honorable Harold Rogers and Mrs. Rogers
The Honorable Ed Royce and The Honorable Marie Royce
The Honorable Dutch Ruppersberger and Mrs. Ruppersberger
The Honorable Mark Sanford
The Honorable Jan Schakowsky and Mr. Robert Creamer
Democratic Leader Charles E. Schumer
The Honorable Pete Sessions and Mrs. Sessions
Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Mr. Bill Shaheen
The Honorable John Shimkus and Mrs. Shimkus
The Honorable Bill Shuster
The Honorable Elissa Silverman
The Honorable Albio Sires and Mrs. Sires
The Honorable Eric Swalwell and Mrs. Brittany Swalwell
The Honorable Scott Taylor
The Honorable Glenn Thompson and Mrs. Thompson
Senator Thom Tillis and Mrs. Tillis
The Honorable Dina Titus and Dr. Thomas Wright
The Honorable Brandon Todd
The Honorable Michael Turner
Senator Tom Udall and Mrs. Jill Cooper Udall
Senator Chris Van Hollen and Mrs. Van Hollen
The Honorable Juan Vargas and Mrs. Vargas
The Honorable Marc Veasey and Mrs. Veasey
The Honorable Jacqueline Walorski
The Honorable Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Mr. Steve Schultz
The Honorable Randy Weber and Mrs. Weber
The Honorable Roger Williams and Mrs. Williams
The Honorable Robert Wittman and Mrs. Wittman
The Honorable Donald Young and Ms. Anne Garland Walton

50th Meridian Ball Leadership Committee

Members of this committee represent previous Meridian Ball Chairs that have renewed their leadership commitment in celebration of our 50th year. Committee Co-chairs are noted with *

Loran and Robbie Aiken*
His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba and Mrs. Abeer Al Otaiba*
The Honorable John Barrasso and Mrs. Bobbi Barrasso
Lisa Barry and James Gale*
The Honorable Don Beyer and Mrs. Megan Beyer*
The Honorable James Blanchard and Mrs. Janet Blanchard*
Evelyn and Charles DiBona
The Honorable John Delaney and Mrs. April McClain-Delaney
The Honorable Debbie Dingell and The Honorable John Dingell, Jr.
Samia and Huda Farouki*
Heather and Andrew Florance*
The Honorable Mary Mel French
Antonia and John Gore
Mae Haney Grennan and Ande Grennan
The Honorable Lloyd Hand and Mrs. Ann Hand
The Honorable Steven Horsford and Dr. Sonya Horsford

Sydney and Jay Johnson
The Honorable Tom C. Korologos and The Honorable Ann McLaughlin Korologos*
The Honorable Patrick Leahy and Mrs. Marcelle Leahy
The Honorable Fred Malek and Mrs. Marlene Malek
Senator Edward Markey and Dr. Susan Blumenthal
The Honorable Capricia Marshall and Dr. Robert Marshall
The Honorable Doris Matsui
The Honorable Michael McCaul and Mrs. Linda McCaul
The Honorable Jane Sloat Ritchie*
The Honorable Selwa Roosevelt
Catherine A. Stevens
The Honorable Bill Stuckey and Mrs. Ethelene Stuckey
The Honorable John Tanner and Mrs. Betty Ann Tanner*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Thompson
Gail West
Suzanne and Glenn Youngkin*



Meridian Ball Committee Members

Linden circle

The Honorable Carlos M. Gutierrez and Mrs. Edilia Gutierrez
The Francis and Kathleen Rooney Foundation
Lee Satterfield and Patrick Steel

Crescent Circle

Manisha and Roy Kapani
Anita and Tim McBride

Terrace Circle

Dr. Elena Allbritton and Mr. Robert Allbritton
Suzan Aramaki and Alec Christoff
The Honorable Yousif B. Ghafari and Mrs. Mara Ghafari
The Honorable Alphonso Jackson and Mrs. Marcia Jackson

The Honorable James R. Jones
Hongxia Liu
The Honorable Thomas F. McLarty III and Mrs. Donna McLarty

Ball Committee

Farinaz and Dadi Ahkavan
Lauren and Brian Ali
Andrita and Christopher Andreas
Baater International, Inc.
Dilek Barlas and Aydin Haryi
The Honorable Stuart Bernstein and Mrs. Wilma Bernstein
Tracy and Adam Bernstein
Dr. Niteesh Bharara and Ms. Rina Shah
Amanda and Dave Bowker
Kimble Cannon
Capital One
Kristin and John Cecchi
The Honorable Michael Chertoff and Mrs. Meryl Chertoff
The Honorable Timothy Chorba and Ms. Ruth Wimer
Robert Cole
Robert T. Coonrod
Major R. Clarke Cooper and Major Michael Marin
Ilana and Aaron Cutler
The Honorable Walter L. Cutler and Mrs. Cutler
John Danielson
Nathan Daschle
Ashley Davis and Joel Frushone
DAI Global Health
Jamie and David Dorros
Nancy and Marc Duber
Marjan Ehsassi and Todd Horst
Adam Falkoff
The Honorable Mark Feierstein and Ms. Tiffany Stone
Stephanie Fischer
Stephenie Foster
The Honorable Alonzo L. Fulgham and Mrs. Fulgham
The Honorable Laurie Fulton
Shelly and Joseph Galli
Dr. Matt Gavin and Ms. Holidae Hayes
The Honorable Mark Gilbert and Mrs. Nancy Gilbert
Global Ties U.S.
The Honorable Bart Gordon and Mrs. Leslie Gordon
Mei and Stephen Greer
Guggenheim KBBO Partners
Christina Gungoll Lepore and John Lepore
Stacy Hadeka
The Honorable Patricia de Stacy Harrison
The Honorable Fay Hartog-Levin
Joslyn and Steve Hills
The Honorable Fred P. Hochberg
Dr. Robert Johnston
Dr. Richard Jonas and Mrs. Katherine Vernot-Jonas
Cindy and Evan Jones

Natalie Jones and Patrick Hallahan
Andy Keiser
Aba Kwawu
Leslie and Bruce Lane
Susanne and Eric Larsen
Bonnie A. Larson
Philip C. Lauinger, Jr.
Ioana and Paul Lee
Molly Levinson and Josh Wachs
Beth and Daryl Libow
Stacey and Gregory Lubar
Natalia Luis and Antonio Montiero
Cidalia Luis-Akbar and Masud Akbar
Karyl Lynn
Ainsley MacLean and Bruce Wollman
Shahin Mafi
Shaista and Ray Mahmood
Their Imperial Highnesses Prince Joel and Princess Ariana Makonnen
Sharon Marcil and Tom Monahan
Kathryn and Christophe Martel
Keith Mason
Bronwyn and John McElroy
Jodie McLean and Pierre de Lucy
Alexandra Migoya
Sandra Missmar and Sharif Atta
Vivian and Allan Moore
Judith and Richard Morrissey
Newmont Mining Corporation
Pilar and Bill O’Leary
The Honorable John Phillips and Ms. Linda Douglass
Lauren and Rory Pillsbury
Ashley and Steven Quamme
The Honorable Franklin Raines and Ms. Denise Grant
Amy Raskin and Joel Saferstein
The Honorable Rhonda Schmidtlein and Mr. John Schmidtlein
The Honorable Tod Sedgwick and Mrs. Kate Sedgwick
Karen and Bill Sonneborn
The Honorable Ann Stock and Mr. Stuart Stock
Mary Toman
Jill and Rock Tonkel
Jessica Towhey
Miranda and Andrew Vesey
Jayne Visser
Mary and John Walsh
Robb Watters
Mei Xu and Alessandro Rebucci

Embassy Patrons

Meridian International Center is grateful for the generous support and hospitality of:
ARGENTINA Excellency Fernando Oris de Roa The Ambassador of the Argentine Republic and Mrs. Mercedes de Campos Oris de Roa
AUSTRALIA Ambassador Katrina Cooper The Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of Australia
AUSTRIA His Excellency Wolfgang A. Waldner The Ambassador of the Republic of Austria and Mrs. Gudrun Faudon-Waldner
AZERBAIJAN His Excellency Elin Suleymanov The Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ms. Lala Abdurahimova
BELGIUM His Excellency Dirk Wouters The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium and Mrs. Katrin Wouters
BULGARIA His Excellency Tihomir Stoytchev The Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria and Mrs. Lubka Stoytcheva
COLOMBIA His Excellency Francisco Santos The Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia and Mrs. Maria Victoria García
CROATIA His Excellency Pjer Šimunovi The Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia
CUBA His Excellency José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba and Mrs. Edilia González
DENMARK His Excellency Lars Gert Lose The Ambassador of Denmark to the United States and Mrs. Ulla Rønberg
FINLAND Her Excellency Kirsti Kauppi The Ambassador of Finland to the United States
GERMANY Her Excellency Emily Haber The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany and Mr. Hansjörg Haber
HUNGARY His Excellency Dr. László Szabó The Ambassador of Hungary and Dr. Ivonn Szeverényi
ICELAND His Excellency Geir H. Haarde The Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland and Mrs. Inga Jona Thordardottir
IRAQ His Excellency Fareed Yasseen The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq
IRELAND His Excellency Daniel Mulhall The Ambassador of Ireland and Mrs. Greta Mulhall
JAPAN His Excellency Shinsuke J. Sugiyama The Ambassador of Japan and Mrs. Yoko E. Sugiyama
JORDAN Her Excellency Dina Kawar The Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
LIECHTENSTEIN His Excellency Kurt Jaeger The Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein and Mrs. Laurette Jaeger
LUXEMBOURG Her Excellency Sylvie Lucas The Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
MEXICO His Excellency Gerónimo Gutiérrez-Fernández The Ambassador of the United Mexican States and Mrs. Irasema Infante
MOROCCO Her Highness Princess Lalla Joumala The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco
NEPAL His Excellency Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki The Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal and Mrs. Gauree Thakuri
NETHERLANDS His Excellency Henne Schuwer The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Mrs. Lena Boman Schuwer
NEW ZEALAND His Excellency Timothy Groser The Ambassador of New Zealand
NORWAY His Excellency Kåre R. Aas The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway
OMAN Her Excellency Hunaina Sultan Al-Mughairy The Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman
PERU His Excellency Carlos Pareja The Ambassador of the Republic of Peru and Mrs. Consuelo Salinas
PHILIPPINES His Excellency Jose Manuel G. Romualdez The Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines
POLAND His Excellency Piotr Wilczek The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland
PORTUGAL His Excellency Domingos Fezas Vital The Ambassador of Portugal and Mrs. Isabel Fezas Vital
QATAR His Excellency Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad Al-Thani The Ambassador of the State of Qatar and Mrs. Al-Thani
SWEDEN Her Excellency Karin Olofsdotter The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden and Mr. Martin Bengtsson
SWITZERLAND His Excellency Martin Dahinden The Ambassador of Switzerland and Mrs. Anita Dahinden
THAILAND His Excellency Virachai Plasai The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand and Mrs. Elizabeth Plasai
TUNISIA His Excellency Fayçal Gouia The Ambassador of the Tunisian Republic
UNITED KINGDOM Mr. Michael Tatham Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Mrs. Belinda Cherrington

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Project summary