44th Annual Meridian Ball

Since 1969, the Meridian Ball has continued to be one of Washington’s most celebrated events, attended by public officials including Cabinet members, Supreme Court Justices, and members of the U.S. Congress, as well as foreign Ambassadors and representatives from the international business and cultural communities. Traditionally held in October, the evening begins with intimate dinners hosted by foreign Ambassadors at their residences and embassies, as well as a dinner at Meridian’s White-Meyer House. After dinner, all guests convene for dancing, dessert, and lively conversation at Meridian House, an architectural treasure listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Each year the Ball plays a key role in helping Meridian generate awareness of and support for its mission. Proceeds from the Ball support Meridian’s global leadership exchanges, cultural activities, conferences, and seminars.

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Ball Committees

Embassy Patrons

Meridian International Center is grateful for the generous support and hospitality of:

AZERBAIJAN His Excellency The Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Mrs. Suleymanov
BAHRAIN Her Excellency Houda Nonoo The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain
BELGIUM His Excellency The Ambassador of Belgium and Mrs. Mattthysen
BRAZIL His Excellency Mauro Vieira The Brazilian Ambassador
DENMARK His Excellency Peter Taksøe-Jensen The Ambassador of Denmark and Ms. Gitte Wallin-Pedersen
EGYPT His Excellency Mohamed M. Tawfik The Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt
FINLAND Her Excellency Ritva Koukku-Ronde The Ambassador of Finland and Dr. Hidde Ronde
FRANCE His Excellency François Delattre The Ambassador of France and Mrs. L’Hélias Delattre
GEORGIA His Excellency Temur Yakobashvili The Ambassador of Georgia
HUNGARY His Excellency György Szapáry The Ambassador of Hungary
INDIA Her Excellency Nirupama Rao The Ambassador of India and Mr. Sudhaka Rao
LIECHTENSTEIN Her Excellency Claudia Fritsche The Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein
LUXEMBOURG His Excellency Jean-Louis Wolzfeld Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
LIBYA His Excellency Ali Suleiman Aujali The Ambassador of Libya and Ms. Naima Bseikri
MEXICO His Excellency Arturo Sarukhan The Ambassador of Mexico and Mrs. Valencia-Sarukhan
MONACO His Excellency The Ambassador of the Principality of Monaco and Mrs. Noghés
MOROCCO His Excellency Mohamed Rachad Bouhlal The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco and Ms. Bennani
NETHERLANDS His Excellency The Ambassador of the Royal Netherlands and Mrs. Bekink
SWEDEN His Excellency The Ambassador of Sweden and Mrs. Hafström
SWITZERLAND His Excellency The Ambassador of Switzerland and Mrs. Sager
TURKEY His Excellency The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey and Mrs. Tan
UKRAINE His Excellency The Ambassador of Ukraine and Mrs. Motsyk
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES His Excellency The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates and Mrs. Al-Otaiba

Corporate Sponsors

2012 Meridian Ball Sponsors

Project summary

44th Annual Meridian Ball | October 2012
Program Areas: Diplomatic Engagement
Partners: Diplomatic Corps, Private Sector