Thiago Lopes

Founder & CEO @ American InsightBrazil

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Thiago Lopes is the founder and CEO of American Insight, a company aimed at changing people's lives by providing quality English classes. The company is located in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro with almost 200 students and more than 15 companies associated with it. The company is looking to expand to three different cities next year. Thiago hopes to create a digital project focused on teaching students anywhere in the world. The company was the finalist of a Sebrae and FNQ competition among more than 4,000 companies in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Thiago is also the co-founder of T&D Insight Consultoria, a consulting company aimed at building healthy companies and people. He is a Guidepoint International Consultant and Production Engineering undergraduate student at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).