Steve Lebling

Owner @ The Lebling Companies

Steve Lebling, Facilities & Preservation Committee Chair, Meridian Board of Trustees

Steven L. Lebling is the owner of the Lebling Companies, which consist of affiliated limited liability companies managed by Lebling Development, LLC. From 1999 to the present, Mr. Lebling has led the company in numerous commercial and residential development projects in the greater Washington, DC area.

Steve’s first employment was with Suburban Trust Company. Steve rose to be the head of the commercial lending department for Montgomery County which dealt with all non-real estate lending secured and unsecured for businesses. His last promotion at the Bank was to run the commercial construction department for the entire system.

Hired away from Suburban Trust Company by a large customer, Steve started their first commercial rental property endeavors and became EVP and COO. His responsibilities included being part of the team that annexed, re-zoned, planned and approved all of the activities of the company.

Some of the projects he was involved in were Muddy Branch Square (85,000 square foot shopping center), Middlebrook Square (30,000 square foot shopping center with 7 pad sites), Mirror Ridge Shopping Center (110,000 square foot shopping center), Crabbs Branch Way Warehouses (100,000 square feet of warehouse condominiums), Tech Road Warehouses (80,000 square feet of warehouse condominiums), Franklin Office Park Townhouse Condominiums (45,000 square feet), Flower Hill Apartments (240 units), Cub Run Apartments (210 units) and CDSI Warehouse (80,000 square feet). The company also sold an average of 300 residential units per year and did significant land acquisition and development activities. Some of the projects were The Milestone Property (800 acres mixed-use including 1,000,000 square feet of retail, several million square feet of office space and 1,000 residential units), Washingtonian Woods (550 lots), Bonifant Woods (70 units), Hunters Woods (500 units) and Mills Farm (500 units).

He formed his first company (a pre-cursor to Lebling Development, LLC) in 1990 and spent the majority of his time pursuing residential land development opportunities. His activities included properties such as Melwood Park (350 residential lots), Caltor Manor (30 lots), Saddlebrook East (150 lots), Wildwood (59 lots) and Quail Overlook (20 lots).

Beginning in 1999 with the formation of Lebling Development, LLC, the focus of the company became more balanced between residential land development and commercial investment property. Currently there are 12 affiliated companies. Lebling Development acts as a property manager and overhead center. Some of the projects it has been involved in are Amberlea Farm (78 lots), Crown Pointe (68 lots), Goshen Oaks Center (70,000 square foot retail center), Charlotte Hall Square (100,000 square foot shopping center with 5 pad sites), and Crown Farm (2,250 residential units and 300,000 square feet of retail). During that same time Lebling Development, LLC has been actively acquiring investment property and has a portfolio that includes multi-tenant industrial, mixed-use retail/office, and more traditional retail. It continues to focus on commercial rental property and residential land development for its national builder accounts.

Mr. Lebling is a past President of the Montgomery County Students Construction Trades Foundation, past board member of the Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants and Young Children, and a past member of the Montgomery County Business Political Action Committee. He most recently has been a supporter of the Fisher House and St. John’s Opportunity Shop charities.