Stephen Greer

Chairman and CEO @ Sonco Worldwide

Stephen Greer lives in Washington DC and is the owner and CEO of SONCO Worldwide a Maryland based, diversified company that he acquired in 2014. Prior to acquiring SONCO he was a Senior Advisor to Oaktree Capital, a distressed debt and private equity firm. A career entrepreneur, Stephen founded Hartwell Pacific, A scrap metal recycling company, in Hong Kong at the age of 24. He subsequently lived in Hong Kong for twenty years and built Hartwell Pacific into a global business with operations in seven countries. He and his wife, Mei Greer, who was formerly the CFO, exited the company in 2008 via acquisition. In 2010 Greer authored the book, Starting From Scrap, which chronicles his experiences as a start-up entrepreneur in Asia. Stephen and his wife Mei have three young children