Sammy Samuels

Managing Director – Myanmar Shalom

Graduate of Yeshiva University in New York City, Sammy Samuels has promoted his country, Myanmar and small Jewish community to all who know him. That’s why some of his friends and colleagues call him the “Ambassador of Myanmar.” Through Myanmar Shalom, Samuels creates travel programs, products and services that include local communities of all religions and ethnicities to improve the lives of those in the remote areas of Myanmar. In 2017 he was selected as a President Eisenhower Fellow from Myanmar for his work in tourism industry. His goal is to provide a program called “Peace through Tourism,” which involves bringing tourists to areas once affected by conflict in order to revitalize the local community. In addition, as leader of the smallest religious minority in country – Samuels is dedicated to advancing religious freedom and tolerance. Sammy’s unique role in the Jewish community of Myanmar & his company has been chronicled in articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post, Travel + Leisure, and other newspapers.