Nadia Nicolova Manuel

Bulgarian Television Correspondent

Nadia Nicolova Manuel is a committed humanitarian advocate and organizer. She was previously a Development Officer at the Centre for the Strategic Initiatives for Women, where she worked to uphold human rights, democracy, and the presence of women's voices in conflict resolution processes in Africa. Ms. Manuel played an instrumental role fundraising for the construction of the first ten “peace camps” in Somalia, one the Centre’s main achievements. She has helped elevate the external relations capacity of a number of organizations, including the Congressional Black Caucus and the Fund for Peace, public relations work at the MacGahan American-Bulgarian Foundation, and actively participated in the Privatization Process of Eastern Europe by obtaining $100 million from OPEC. In her role as a talent scout, Ms. Manuel has identified and promoted those with leadership potential. She continues to promote business and cultural exchange between the U.S. and Eastern Europe as a Bulgarian Television Correspondent.