Lynworth Mitchell

CEO & Founder @ Myst.Productionz (BrBpTV)Dominica

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Lynworth Mitchell is the CEO and Founder of the Caribbean-based videography-media company known as Myst.Productionz (BrBpTV), which started in 2010. Lynworth turned his passion towards showcasing events and talented individuals who make a positive impact in their environment through the use of videography via MystProductionz and media via BrBpTV. BrBpTV stands for Be Real Be Positive Television and showcases real individuals doing positive things through Entertainment, Nature, Culture, and Individualism. MystProductionz utilizes the art-form of videography to produce videos in the public eye, such as music videos and live performances, as well as for private events, such as weddings. Lynworth has a Bachelor’s Degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship and won the Most Outstanding Youth in Media by the National Youth Council of Dominica for 2015-2016.