Kartika Jahja

IVLP Impact Award Project Title: SUPERIAIndonesia

Kartika Jahja is a transdisciplinary artist and activist. After studying at the Art Institute of Seattle, she returned to Indonesia and formed the band Tika & The Dissidents, which received acclaim from the music community as well as the media. TEMPO Magazine called group, “Chosen art figures”. Rolling Stone Indonesia Magazine listed Kartika with 30 Women Who Rock and 20 Best Albums 2016.

In 2015, Kartika established the Bersama Project Foundation with a mission to advocate for gender equality and the elimination of gender-based violence through creative interventions. Her various works and initiatives won awards from TEMPO Magazine which named her, Women Breaking Boundaries 2016, and International Media BBC included her in the BBC 100 Women 2016 - a list of the 100 most influential and inspiring women in the world.

Kartika established an alternative space in Jakarta called Ruang Seltan for creative expression, intersectional dialogue and collective empowerment. Ruang Seltan is a response to rampant intolerance and persecution targeting vulnerable groups and threatening freedom of expression.

In March 2022, Kartika officially joined Institut Ungu as vice chairwoman. Institut Ungu is a space for production, exploration, and education of arts and culture for human rights and gender justice. Kartika is also the vice chairwoman for Indonesian Arts Coalition (Koalisi Seni), an organization that advocates public policies for artistic freedom in Indonesia

Project: SUPERIA 

While 1 in 3 women in the world experience violence, public awareness of gender-based violence among Indonesian women remains low. Many who have been subjected to exploitation and abuse are unaware that they have experienced gender-based violence. One of the causing factors is the deep and complex social stereotypes subjected upon Indonesian women. In addressing these problems Kartika developed a creative campaign titled SUPERIA: Suara Perempuan Indonesia / Voices of Indonesian Women

SUPERIA’s objective is to counter social stereotypes surrounding women through artistic storytelling. One part of the campaign is a short film performed and co-written by 6 women from diverse and intersectional backgrounds, profession, age, ethnicity, faith and sexuality. Each woman will tell their stories, experience, and perspective, presented through monologues, choreography, music and visual art. This film will present the multidimensionality of Indonesian women which will dismantle harmful stereotypes.


"Being part of IVLP is like experiencing all the books and news I read, all the stories and culture I learn through films, music, and literature, all come to life and have dialogs with myself and each other. Inspirational people from vibrant backgrounds and many different cultures, come together to share their remarkable works, their impacts, and also their struggles have been an especially powerful experience." - Kartika

Publications and Scholarship
Country of Origin: Ecuador

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