Jorge Mena

Co-Founder & General Manager @ Riish and Toosh®Costa Rica

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Jorge Mena is a young entrepreneur who graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a degree in Business Administration. He is the co-founder and general manager of Riish and Toosh® Afro Costa Rican Paintings. Its mission is to preserve and rescue the Afro Costa Rican Culture by creating colorful paintings and Caribbean designs, while incorporating spirituality and positive messages. In 2013, their 3D Painting Technique won the WIPO Award for Creativity and Innovation from the World Intellectual Property Organization. Since 2011, he has been a member of the Sports and Recreation Committee from Montes de Oca, where he is the General Secretary. They manage and create opportunities for people to play sports and participate in recreational activities.