John Cpin

Partner @ Avenue Strategies

John Cpin joined Avenue Strategies in 2017, bringing deep expertise in media relations, crisis management, public relations, public affairs and international relations. Prior to that, Cpin worked for various lobbying, government affairs and public relations firms in Washington D.C., including BGR Group (formerly known as Barbour, Griffith & Rogers, LLP), Westin Rinehart Group and Mercury Public Affairs. Duties included generating internal and confidential communication for high profile clients, and managing, building, protecting and growing client brands both domestically and internationally, as well as working with international diplomats and foreign governments.

John started his career as a television news reporter in Long Island. He also held positions in the political arena ranging from press secretary for Kansas Congresswoman Nancy Boyda’s congressional campaign to communications director for a gubernatorial campaign in Nebraska. While in Chicago and Springfield, Illinois, he held positions as a communications/policy advisor for Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn and deputy communications director for the Illinois State Board of Education.

A first-generation American and a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, John earned a Master’s degree in communications in New York, and grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey. He currently resides in Virginia.