Jessica Agila

IVLP Impact Award Project Title: LGBT Pedagogical Path Ecuador

Jessica Agila was born in southern Ecuador in 1984. Growing up, she learned the beauty of the everyday and developed a strong sense of community. Jessica graduated as a systems engineer, is a self-taught social researcher and will be the first person in her family to obtain a master's degree. Her degree will be in Education with a focus in Socio-critical Pedagogies. The most important topics of her work are self-care, digital security, methodologies of knowledge, generational and community education as well as advocacy in public politics and social research. Jessica has also publishes articles with different media outlets. She is currently an Inclusive Societies Program Officer in an international NGO, an independent consultant and an education manager at Obsidiana Colectiva. 


Project: LGBT Pedagogical Path 

The project proposes an exercise of reflection on the socio-educational work of the LGBTI movement. The project is based on pedagogical practices and strategies used in lobbying, policy formulation, grassroots campaigns or in the media. The project will strive to imagine horizons of international collaboration, improvements in the impact and positioning of social and legislative demands in favor of the human rights of LGBTIQ+ people. This will occur through the use of socio-educational strategies that promote strengthening and consolidation between social organizations, citizens, states and companies to promote and protect the enjoyment and full realization of all people of all human rights. The organizations participating in the project will increase their technical capacity by having new socio-educational resources such as methodologies, strategies and learning that they will implement in their work. This will also include edu-communicative material and a document systematizing the experience. This material will be shared in dialogues and exchanges with the participant’s grassroot groups.

"Take a moment to appreciate the path we have built as a social movement, our theories, tools, practices, strategies and alliances are pedagogical routes that transform the present into more welcoming spaces for LGBTIQ diversity." - Jessica


Publications and Scholarship


Country of Origin: Ecuador

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