Iluska Vieira

Founder @ PranahBrazil

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Iluska Vieira has spent 9 years developing skills of young people and 7 years leading organizations connected with the social business environment in Latin America. In October 2015 Iluska started Pranah, an impact business focused on education in Brazil. Every student has his or her own abilities and skills, but the current education system does not allow teachers to understand the differences and apply diverse methodologies to focus on individual performance. Pranah is a pioneer in identifying the way each one learns best. The business provides self-awareness, learning tools, and methodologies for Brazilian teachers, parents, and students. Since 2015, Pranah has developed methods and social emotional skills for children and teenagers. The business has won the SEBRAE Social Business Award, developed a partnership with private schools, and was selected by the Brazil Foundation to implement its methods in public schools in low income areas of Rio de Janeiro.